About Us

BayGeo is a non-profit, professional organization that exists to bring together the geospatial Bay Area community. BayGeo serves as a forum where people involved with geospatial technology and related technologies can learn about the latest software and tools, industry news, local & national events and, most importantly, network with other professionals. With almost 1,000 members who represent a wide range of public, private, educational and non-profit organizations that utilize geospatial technology, you’re bound to meet others with your same interests.

Mission Statement
Lead, Mobilize, and Engage the Users of Geospatial Technology and Mapping Enthusiasts in the Bay Area.

Vision Statement
BayGeo is the vital organization of geospatial technology professionals in the San Francisco Bay Region that promotes partnerships and teamwork with users of geospatial technology to improve our environment and community. For more information on the direction of the organization please read the journal article from the President.

Engaging the Community
The BayGeo Board is working towards building a more cohesive and collaborative community of geospatial professionals, those users of geospatial technology, and mapping enthusiasts. The Board has identified areas for soliciting community members to participate and guide BayGeo into the future.

Leadership Meetings
The board, staff, and volunteer leaders typically hold monthly meetings; in-person meetings generally alternate month-to-month. In-person meetings are typically held on the second Tuesday of the month from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM at our Oakland office.

Any current BayGeo member is welcome to join the monthly Leadership meeting. If you’d like to get more involved with BayGeo you are welcome to attend and become an Advisory Board Member. Advisory Board Members can participate in all Board meeting activities with the exception of voting on financial matters.

If you wish to attend a virtual meeting or to inquire about the next meeting location send an email to the President (hello[at]baygeo.org) information or for the conference code information. Members who attend three consecutive meetings are eligible to become voting members of the board when the next space becomes available.