BayGeo has been bringing together local professionals, leaders, and enthusiasts of mapping and geospatial technology for over 30 years. We are a blend of software developers, cartographers, aerial/satellite imagery analysts, geographers, surveyors, designers, and data scientists. Our members come from diverse backgrounds in urban planning, environmental resource management, public safety, utilities, public health, transportation and many more.

BayGeo Partners and Groups:

  • Geo Meetup
  • Geospatial Innovation Facility
  • GIS Education Center
  • Maptime SF
  • North Bay GIS User Group
  • SAVI Center
  • SF Bay Area GIS User Group
  • SF Bay Area Society for Conservation GIS
  • South BayGeo

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BayGeo is looking for creative and committed individuals to help build a strong and resourceful organization.

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