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GreenInfo Network is an Oakland-based nonprofit that helps public interest groups with a wide range of interactive, analysis, and print cartography projects. We’re widely known for the quality of what we do and our positive relationships with our clients.

Our team of 13 is small and dynamic, with headquarters in Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood, and off-site staff in Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. Our clients range from government agencies and national nonprofits to small land trusts and advocacy groups. All our work is in the public interest, covering a huge variety of topics and locales. As consultants, we maintain good client relationships because we deliver tremendous value, work very quickly, and are committed to transparency with clients about scope and progress.

We are hiring a new Geospatial Analyst to join our GIS team, which represents about half of our staff. The work we do is collaborative, fun, challenging, and always committed to the public good. GreenInfo’s clients are passionate about fair elections, equity in park access, public health, and land conservation, to name a few.

This new position would focus primarily on highly skilled GIS data work.

As a Geospatial Analyst with us, you will:

– Contribute to the editing, documentation, and overall lively maintenance of the California Protected Areas Database, a public dataset GreenInfo has been publishing for over 10 years. Editing CPAD is a major part of this position; find out more on (50% of project time)

– Serve as one of our go-to resources for advanced demographic analysis, which largely supports park access equity and tobacco prevention analyses (20% of project time)

– Support large-scale interactive projects that require GIS staff by sourcing authoritative data for clients, organizing and tracking an onslaught of incoming datasets, running complex analyses for use on the web, and more. (30% of project time)

The incredible cartography you may know GreenInfo for is not prominent in this job description. We’re a small shop, and the expectation is that staff will remain flexible enough to contribute when and where they can, so chances are good you’ll be making some maps. But your role will focus on data and data management. The type of work you will be producing will most likely include: GIS data resulting from multi-step analysis, metadata, methods documentation, and tabular data.

Qualities we’re looking for:

– Strong interest in getting the details right, with help and support from others

– A sharp eye for data integrity and validation

– An appreciation for the satisfaction of making steady progress chipping away at a large, stable project

– Ability to thrive as part of a team, standing up for your ideas but listening with respect and an open mind to your colleagues

– Willingness to make phone calls to people you don’t know, in the interest of gathering the best information you can

– Previous experience in consulting, or customer service, is a plus but not required

Technical skills we’re interested in:

– We expect that someone with 2+ years experience in the GIS field would be the best fit, but less than that won’t disqualify you

– Proficiency in ArcMap, particularly in data editing and analysis

– Experience analyzing and reporting on census data in GIS

– Comfort in either Excel or Google Sheets (pivot tables, vlookups, sure – but also validating or solving problems)

– Some experience in ArcGIS Pro is a plus

– Familiarity with QGIS will be useful but is not required

– Experience with Python, Postgres/Postgis, or other relevant open source tools is a plus

Are you missing a few of the technical skills listed, but excited about a data-focused position? We still want to hear from you. These skills fit the nature of the work quite closely, but you may still be the right fit if you are interested in building your experience in these areas.

At GreenInfo, we work in the unique intersection of technology and nonprofit advocacy, with a large part of our history in support of land conservation. To serve the public good while pushing the edge of new tech is extremely rewarding. While we celebrate our 20+ years helping nonprofits in this sphere, we also recognize that both the tech industry and the conservation movement have histories of exclusion. We are conscious of that history, and are focused on improving our hiring practices, organizational culture, and project approaches to be ever more inclusive. GreenInfo Network is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are encouraged to apply to this position.

This is a full-time staff position with benefits. Pay is competitive, commensurate with experience.

Please send cover letter and resume to Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.


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