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ecoPartners (, a global leader in ecosystem project development, is hiring a Remote Sensing Specialist to join our start-up team located in Berkeley, California. The work done in this role will be critical to the evaluation and monitoring of various emissions reductions targets and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) goals under the Paris Agreement.
The Remote Sensing Specialist’s primary responsibilities will be to oversee the acquisition of remotely-sensed data, analyze remotely-sensed data, develop information systems and produce high-quality geospatial products to monitor and estimate emissions from land cover change. The specialist will primarily work with LiDAR data, SAR data and satellite imagery. Further, the specialist will advise on QAQC procedures for post-processed map products and contribute to map product documentation. The Remote Sensing Specialist works closely with the Manager of Voluntary Projects, program staff, and directors to ensure that client objectives are being achieved. Occasional international travel and workshops will be required. Work is primarily in our Berkeley office with the opportunity to work flexible hours outside the office as desired.

As a leader of carbon-financed conservation, ecoPartners works with project developers, forest owners and verification bodies to build successful carbon offset projects. We are experts in the technical aspects of project design, planning and development including biometrics, accounting methodologies and remote sensing. ecoPartners has extensive experience validating and verifying projects under the California Air Resources Board (ARB), Climate Action Reserve (CAR) Standard, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and Climate Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standard. ecoPartners has served as technical consultant for approximately half of all validated and verified REDD+ projects to date, accounting for over 12 million tonnes of verified reductions on 1.7 million hectares world-wide. Using our experience and expertise, we help our clients navigate methodologies, mitigate risk, build long-term capacity and generate credits while reducing the overall cost of protecting the world’s ecosystems and improving the lives of the disadvantaged.

• Design and implement processes and models for the analysis of LiDAR, SAR and spectral image data.
• Process and analyze large amounts of geospatial data to produce wall-to-wall land cover classifications over substantial land areas.
• Process and analyze LiDAR data using existing models and frameworks for estimating forest composition and carbon stocks.
• Design and advise on the implementation of QAQC checks and accuracy assessments of all geospatial data products.
• Assist in the analysis of land cover change data to contribute to the monitoring of future Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) goals under the Paris Agreement.
• Assist in the development of a PostGIS information system and web-portal for the management and processing of geospatial land use change data.
• Document model designs, data processing steps, analyses, and QAQC procedures to allow for reproducible and traceable results.
• Manage and train geospatial analysts as needed to assist with technical analyses.
• Limited international travel and workshops/trainings may be required.

• Have five or more years of experience designing and implementing complex raster, image and geospatial analyses.
• Experience with LiDAR and SAR data processing techniques and analyses.
• Functional knowledge of image processing software including IDL, MATLAB, ENVI and ArcGIS.
• Have five or more years of computer programming experience.
• Experience quantifying statistical uncertainty in remotely-sensed map products.
• Are organized and attentive to detail.
• Have excellent oral and written communication skills.

• Hold a PhD in remote sensing, image processing or computer science.
• Fluent in Java, Python and PHP.
• Knowledge of standard QAQC procedures for the production of thematic map products.
• Ability to manage their time effectively.
• Ability to take direction and disseminate directions to others.
• Are comfortable with correspondence, email, and interpersonal interactions in a business environment.
• Have interest in ecosystem conservation, natural resources, or environmental protection.
• Are comfortable with correspondence, email, and interpersonal interactions in a business environment.
• Proficient in Spanish.

• Have five or more years of experience in object-oriented application design.
• Fluent in R, JavaScript, Ruby, C++, VB and SQL.
• Experience with PostGIS database design, Docker containerization in AWS, Leaflet implementation, jQuery, HTML, CSS, REST endpoint handling and GeoJSON.
• Graduate coursework and experience in experimental design and analysis.
• Graduate coursework in spatial statistics or statistical learning theory.
• Ability to communicate complex technical and geospatial processes to a wide range of audiences.
• Proficient in French.

• Practical experience in the rapidly growing sector of carbon credits for ecosystem services.
• Experience developing technical processes and products to help international actors monitor and comply with NDC targets set under the Paris Agreement.
• Abundant technical resources (software and hardware) at the cutting edge of forest biometrics and carbon valuation.
• A flexible, open work environment at a start-up.
• A proven commitment to mentoring early-career employees.
• Networking and long‐term employment opportunities.
• Use of company resources and laptops for mobile office.
• Monthly commuter benefit.
• Three weeks of paid vacation per year.
• Paid holidays.
• Health insurance.
• Compensation commensurate with qualifications.

• CV or resume.
• Short cover letter describing your interest in the position and corresponding experience. The cover letter should include the following:
• Description of remote sensing technical accomplishments that showcase the required skillset described above; and
• Compensation requirements.

Please submit application materials by email to Paz Lozano, Manager of Voluntary Projects

Complete submissions must be received no later than June 1st 2018 for full consideration.
ecoPartners is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds.

To apply for this job email your details to